At the bottom of the Webmail screen you will find the email search area. Simply enter a word or a phrase and press Enter to search through all the contents of the messages stored in your account.

The following rules apply when searching:

  • Matching is approximate, so entering run would match both runruns and running.
  • Entering more than one word will match any of the words.
  • Exact phrases can be entered with quotes such as "email service".
  • Boolean operators such as AND, OR, and NOT can be used. For instance, you can enter: from:zorro AND (subject:sword OR subject:horse) AND exclude:policia

Note that only the first 1000 results of a search will be shown.

tip If this isn’t what you’re seeing it’s likely that your account needs to be upgraded to the new search function by going to

Advanced search

By clicking “show advanced options” you can specify which message fields (From, To, and Subject) and folder to search.

Additionally you can specify words that should be included in or excluded from the message.