Runbox Mail Manager 6

Copyright © Runbox Solutions AS. All rights reserved.

This software application is developed by Runbox Solutions AS and is protected by copyright law and international treaties. We are considering to open source Runbox Mail Manager, but currently it is proprietary. It does mostly consist of open source components.

Runbox Mail Manager utilizes the following OSI Certified Open Source Software:

The Runbox Mail Manager web application is written in Perl, and utilizes:

  • HTML editor: TinyMCE.
  • …and a number of CPAN modules, naturally.

Runbox System Architecture

The Runbox email infrastructure is running on quality server hardware mainly from Supermicro and Dell (we are phasing them out).

The system architecture is distributed and redundant on multiple levels to ensure data and application reliability with high scalability.

We store users email on servers running FreeBSD 9 and 10 and we use the ZFS-filesystem to ensure no dataloss or corruption of data. All new email storage servers from 2014 use only SSDs for storage for optimal latency.

We are continuously expanding the server park to increase the capacity along with the growth in email traffic and data processing requirements.