If you have a question about Runbox it’s likely that it has already been asked and answered by us. If your question is not answered below, please contact Runbox Support for help.

Getting Started

How long is my trial period? What does it offer?

Your trial period lasts for 1 month. It has all the features of a paid account but does have some limitations that are in place to prevent people signing up for trial accounts and using them to send large amounts of junk email.The limits are:

  • 20 messages per day – this is total recipients, so 1 message to 20 people will use up the 20 message quota
  • 1 GB for email storage – this generous trial limit is so that you can import mail from another email service is you wish.
  • 10 MB for file storage
Can I change my username with Runbox? I’m unhappy with the username I selected / I get too much spam to my current email address.

Only as a last resort. If you want a new username, we suggest creating an Alias for your account.If you’re experiencing severe spam issues, we recommend training your spam filter as the most efficient method of dealing with spam. See the Filter Help page for more information.If you have exhausted all spam filter options, you may contact Runbox Support with your current and your desired username.

My new account doesn’t receive any mail sent to it?

New accounts take may take up to ten minutes before they are able to receive mail. All other functions work at once.If you are sending email to an address at a domain you have set up with Runbox, please verify your Domain Status from the Account:Email Hosting screen.

Can I get an alias for my account? How do I use it?

Aliases can be created and deleted from the Alias Administration page. An alias is a synonymous, extra email address, which delivers all incoming mail to your main account. Once you have created an alias it will begin to receive email within 15 minutes. You can use your email alias from the Compose window by selecting it in the From drop down menu. In an email client you can usually set up alternative email identities using your alias addresses. Please refer to the documentation for your particular email client.

Can I use the domain of my choice with Runbox?

To host your domain’s mail with Runbox, you can add it from the Account >> Email Hosting screen. You must change your domain’s MX records to mx.runbox.com (at your domain host), after doing this.You can use the “Catch all” feature or create other addresses on your domain, which can forward to different Runbox accounts if desired.If you have paid for sub-accounts they can also be created on your domain.

What is Runbox’ limit on attachment sizes?

You can send and receive emails totalling up to 130 MB in size with the Runbox email service. Remember, however, that your files will grow in size by approximately 33% when you attach them to your emails. This is due to the encoding process that is necessary to allow files to be sent as email attachments. This means that the maximum unencoded file size you can send using the Runbox email service is roughly 100 MB.

Using Runbox

Using Webmail

Why do some of my messages have a “winmail.dat” file attached in addition to or instead of the normal attachment(s)?

This has to do with Microsoft Outlook and Exchange mail software, please see the following documents:

My mail won’t send, it tells me the address is invalid?

Please double check the address(es) you have typed; if using the address book, check the entries you have created there for errors also. Currently the webmail doesn’t support putting addresses in quotes or < >.

Why is the font so small in my browser? Can I change the size?

You can change the size of the text in the Runbox interface by scrolling down to the bottom of the page and clicking on the A+ and A- buttons. Your account will remember this setting for when you next login to your account.
Note: Currently, it isn’t possible to specify a default font size for the HTML editor in the Compose window.

I get logged out of my account every time I click on something, why?

Runbox webmail requires cookies to be activated in your browser. Please check whether your security settings are compliant with this. In IE, this corresponds to the “Medium” security setting.

Using Contacts

How do I import contacts from another service to my Runbox Contacts?

To import your contacts (which must be in a CSV file), click Contacts in the main menu and then “Import” in the Contacts menu.
For more information on this please see Importing contacts from another service.

Using an Email Program/Client

How do I set up my email client?

You can use a wide variety of email clients with Runbox. You can find instructions on how to do this for some of the most popular ones by visiting our Recommended Email Programs (apps) page.

Using a email client to download messages via POP, the messages disappear from the server. How do I avoid this?

You can set your email client to leave a copy of downloaded messages on the server. Please see the documentation for your email client to find out where this setting is.

I have a mobile phone or tablet device with an email client, how can I access my email there?

You set up email on these devices in the same way as with a regular email client. You can find instructions on how to do this for some of the ones we recommend by visiting our Recommended Email Programs (apps) page.

Why won’t Runbox let me send mail through my email client?

There are a number of reasons why you may not be able to send email from your email program. Please see our page Common errors when sending mail through an email client

Using Files

How do I upload and access my files?

You can use a regular browser, an FTP client, and several other methods to access your files area. Please see the Files help page for more information.

Settings and Preferences

Changing Webmail appearance

How can I view more messages per page?

This setting is found under Preferences. You can view up to 1000 messages at a time.

How can I set my time zone?

Under Account, if your time zone is mismatched with your country, please reselect the country, and the right time zones will appear.
Note: Sometimes you need to change your country to another one and then back before you see the time zones for the country you want.

How do I set Runbox Webmail to display HTML messages inline?

In order to have HTML messages displayed automatically, rather than as attachments, click on Preferences, and then select the option for Show HTML version. Then save your settings.

Updating Personal Information

How do I change my From/Reply-to address, my name, or my signature?

All these options are found under Webmail:Preferences, on the top left side of the webmail window. Please note that Preferences are by default the same as the Inbox for all folders, but can be changed on a per folder basis.

Why doesn’t my name show on my outgoing mail?

You have to specify your name, signature and from/reply-to address (if different from your Runbox one) under Webmail:Preferences.

How can I change or reset my password?

To change your password, just enter your current password and the new one into the 3 blank fields at the top of the Account page, and then click Save settings.
To reset a lost/forgotten password, please use the automatic password reset function (only works with a valid alternate address registered).

Subscription and Billing

How do I pay for Runbox? How much does it cost to subscribe?

For information on how to subscribe to Runbox and the costs please see our Runbox Subscription Information page.

Payment Problems?

As part of our Problem Solving page we have a section about payment problems.

I have an old account with you, can I still reopen it by subscribing?

If you previously subscribed to Runbox, you can most likely reopen your account as we save both account data and email long after the account has expired. Accounts are permanently deleted after some time, depending on their status and whether or not they were paid or trials, prior to expiring.
If it is still possible to reopen your account you will be notified when attempting to login.

How can I delete/close my account?

If you need to have your account closed, please contact support@nullrunbox.com or submit a support ticket at https://support.runbox.com

Restrictions and Quotas

How much email can I receive using Runbox?

You can find details of the allowances and quotas for your account in your Account details and on our Price Plans page.

What happens if my mailbox gets full?

New mail will then not be delivered until you delete enough mail to go under your limit again. Remember that your Trash folder counts towards your disk usage. The “451 can’t verify sender” error when sending mail from a client, is also caused by being over your disk or bandwidth quota.
For more information about storage quotas, see the Restrictions information page.

What is Runbox’ policy on spam?

Runbox does not tolerate any attempt to send unsolicited email, or any fraudulent, abusive, or unlawful activity. We do not allow our servers to be used for bulk mailing or marketing emails. You are responsible for all usage of your account, and failure to comply with these guidelines will result in immediate account cancellation.
For further information see:

Can I send legitimate bulk mailings via Runbox?

For information on our bulk mailing policy please see Bulk Mailing & Marketing Emails

Web Hosting

What are the Name Servers for my Runbox Web Hosting account?

The Name Servers to use for your Runbox Web Hosting account are:

  • ns1.runbox.net
  • ns2.runbox.net

Further Questions

If your question is not answered above, please contact Runbox Support for help.