You can contact Runbox Support in a number of ways.



Twitter: @Runbox

Whichever way you decide to contact us we have to be sure that we are talking to the right person before we can discuss details of your account.

Runbox address or alternative email address

The easiest way for us to verify you are the right person to talk to about your account is if you contact us via your Runbox email address or via the alternative email address we ask you to provide for your account. You can use these addresses via email or with an account in our support system.

If you email us from an address we don’t recognize we will not be able to discuss any specific account details with you. Though we will still answer generic questions.

When you can’t use your Runbox email address

We realize that sometimes you may not be able to access your Runbox account. This is why we ask you to enter an alternative email address in to your account details on the Account page so that password reset emails can be sent there, and also so that we can recognize you are the account owner if you are not able to use your Runbox account.

If you don’t have an alternative email address, you may register a piece of unique information only you would know with Runbox support, and at our sole discretion we may use this to decide if we are talking to the account owner. This is not as secure as an alternative email address, and depending on the circumstances we may decide not to validate you using this method.

We may also use information about your account to validate you as the account owner by asking you to provide some information about the account.

In the absence of enough information to verify you are the account owner, we may decide to not enter in to any further correspondence regarding the account in question. As such, it is very important you keep contact details in your account up to date.

What we need to know

If you are contacting us to report a problem you are having with Runbox, please tell us as much as you can about it so that we can help you right away.

Things that are important to tell us are:

  • your Runbox username
  • a description of the problem
  • the exact wording of any error messages that are part of the problem (copy and paste the error so that we get the exact wording)
  • the browser (and version) you are using if the problem is with the webmail
  • the email client (app) and version that you are using if the problem is not with the webmail
  • the operating system of your computer, tablet or phone (e.g. Windows, OS X, Linux, Android, iOS)
  • when the problem happened if it is intermittent and not an ongoing problem

Using email for support

You may send an email to to contact Runbox support. In response to your email you will be sent an auto reply that you will need to reply to. Once you have replied to this message we will receive your message in our support system.

Note:  If you do not reply to this message we will not see your message at all.

An account will automatically be created for any email address our support system does not recognize, and you will be sent those details so you can use that account.

Using the support website

If you send us a message using our support website you will need to sign in at

Your usual Runbox log in details do not work for the support website as it is an independent system. You will need to sign up for a support account to use our support website. Having a separate independent support website helps ensure that you are still able to contact us if there are problem with your Runbox email account. You can send messages and read our replies using the support website.

Using Twitter for support

You can contact us via Twitter to ask for support. Please do not send account details using @Runbox mentions/replies as these are in the public domain. We may ask you if you want to send further details via Direct Message (DM) but if you agree to this you understand that those messages are not stored on our servers and will be stored on servers operated by Twitter.

Accessing customer accounts

Under normal circumstances Runbox will not access the contents of your account. The information accessible in our administration system does not include any account contents such as your email messages. If you think Runbox Support will need to access your account contents to resolve a problem we will need your explicit permission. If we think we need to access your messages to help with a problem we will ask your permission first.