1. From the Home screen, tap Email.
  2. Enter the Email address and Password in the appropriate fields and tap Next.
    Note: If you have already set up an email account and want to set up another one, tap the Menu Key – > Settings -> tap the + sign.
  3. Your device will automatically start searching for the settings. If the settings are found – change the Account options as desired and then tap Next. Now enter the email address as the account name and enter Your Name, the way you want it to appear on the outgoing emails -> next you have to tap Done and the email account should be set up.
  4. If your device is unable to find the settings by itself, tap IMAP Account.
  5. In the User name field enter the part before @runbox.com or if you use yhour own domain, in the format: localpart%domain.com
  6. You won’t need to also include the Password as it will be entered automatically from the previous steps.
  7. In the IMAP server field enter mail.runbox.com
  8. Tap Security type and select SSL
  9. In the Port field enter 993 and tap Next.
  10. In the SMTP server field enter mail.runbox.com
  11. Tap the Security type and select SSL
  12. In the Port field enter 465 and tap Next.
  13. Tap the Peak schedule and Off-peak schedule to select the desired options.
  14. Tap to check or uncheck Email sync and the other options available and tap Next when finished.
  15. You can enter your email type as the account name.
  16. In the Your Name field enter the name as it should appear on the outgoing emails.
  17. Tap Done when finished.