Runbox is a fully-featured email service that you can use with your web browser, an email program like Thunderbird, Outlook, Apple Mail or with your mobile phone.

Runbox 7 launch for new customers

Starting in 2020 new users will be given the new Runbox 7 web app as their default webmail interface. The help documents on this website mostly relate to the older Runbox 6 interface which is still available to all customers.

You can find a dedicated Runbox 7 Help page and a series of blog posts about the new features in Runbox 7.

Status page

Please check our status page before contacting support about service availability.

Common help topics

New customers
Accessing your account
Getting started with webmail

Personal customers

Business customers

About Runbox

Free Trial & 60 day guarantee

Recommended browsers

Usernames and Passwords

Problems logging in

Setting up two factor authentication (2FA) & application passwords

Changing your username

Using the webmail

Recommended browsers

Folder management

Preferences and settings

Changing the name that I send messages from

Setting up an email program
Using your own domain
Subscriptions & payments

Using an email program

Set up guides for recommended email programs

Server details for use with email programs

Encryption with an email program

Setting up your domain for use with Runbox

SPF records

DKIM signing

My bank card is declined

I have a question about a charge for my account

Upgrading or downgrading your account plan

Problems receiving messages
Problems sending messages
Main & sub-accounts

I am not receiving email from certain people who I know are sending me email.

Messages to addresses using my domain are being rejected/not received

I get an error message when trying to send messages from my email program

Messages are returned to me undelivered when I send to a specific address

Difference between main and sub-accounts

Creating sub-accounts


For step-by-step instructions for common (and some uncommon) tasks, please see our collection of How-tos.


In Documentation you will find details about all the sections and features of Runbox, organized in the same structure as the service itself.

Frequently Asked Questions and Problem Solving

If you have a question about Runbox it’s likely that it has already been asked and answered by us. Have a look at our FAQ and you might get the answer right away. We also have a Problem Solving page that might help you resolve any difficulties you are having with things like logging in, payments and sending/receiving email.

Getting support

If you can’t find the answer to your question, or need help with your account, you can contact Runbox Support.

Please read the Runbox Support Guide before contacting us.