Clicking “Preferences” in the Webmail menu lets you review and modify the options for Runbox Webmail.

General preferences

These options affect all of Runbox Webmail.

  • Date format: Select the format to show dates in Webmail.
  • Time format: Select the format to show timestamps in Webmail.

Preferences for folder [folder name]

Each Webmail folder has its own set of preferences, which allows you to use several different profiles or identities. You can select which folder to view or edit settings for, and whether to use the same settings as Inbox for the selected folder (default).

The following options are available:

  • Name: Enter your name as you want it to appear on all outgoing messages.
  • From: Enter your email address as you want it to appear on all outgoing messages. *)
  • Reply-to: Enter the email address you want replies sent to (if different from “From”).
  • Signature: Create a signature to append to your outgoing messages, and select whether to include the signature on replies.
    HTML signatures are supported, but please don’t copy HTML formatted text from Word, as this will add dozens of lines of unnecessary formatting and exceed the character limit.
    tip To include an image in your signature, you can link to an image available on the internet (for instance on Runbox WebHosting) like so:
    <img src="">
    Replace with the URL (web address) of an image from your or your company’s website.
    tip To include a link in your signature, use the following syntax:
    <a href="">Link text</a>
  • Messages per page: Select the number of message headers you want displayed on each page in your folders.
  • HTML messages: Select default mode for viewing incoming HTML messages, and whether or not you want external (remote) images displayed when viewing HTML messages.
  • Attached images: Select whether attached images in received images should be displayed inline.
  • Compose format: Select default format to compose and edit new messages in.
  • Save sent messages: Select whether or not to save all sent messages in the “Sent” folder.
  • Nickname autocomplete: Select whether or not nicknames should be suggested and autocompleted as you type in the Compose screen address fields.
  • Language encoding: Select the language encoding to allow messages encoded with other character sets to be displayed correctly.
  • Default BCC: Enter an email address where you want sent copies of all outgoing messages. This is convenient if you want all outgoing messages stored at another location.

Remember to click [Save settings] after changing any of the settings.

Note: You must verify ownership of any From address which is not among your registered Runbox aliases or domains in order to send from it. A verification mail will be sent to the address in question, with a link which you must click on to verify the From address.