The Webmail folders are listed alphabetically in a familiar folder tree to the left in the Webmail window. The standard Runbox folders (Drafts, Inbox, Sent, Spam, Templates, and Trash) are always listed first.

The folder hierarchy can be expanded to show sub-folders by clicking the + sign in front of the folder name, or by clicking the “Expand all” icon at the top of the folder list.

Next to each folder name you can see the number of new (unread) messages as well as the total number of messages the folder contains.

Click the Folders header to get an overview page displaying all folders, their sizes, and the number of messages each contains. In the Folders screen you can also reorganize your folders by dragging and dropping sub-folders to other folders.

tip By clicking on the header “New“, you will get a list of all new (unread) messages in all folders.

There are 6 standard folders that all accounts contain and that you cannot delete, namely Drafts, Inbox, Sent, Spam, Templates and Trash. These folders can be found at the top of the folder list, and work as follows:

  • Drafts contains drafts of messages you’re currently working on. When writing a new message, a draft is automatically saved on the server every 30 seconds, as well as when you click [Save draft] in the Compose screen. This is convenient if you start writing a message and want to finish it and send it at a later time.
    warning Note that drafts that are deleted will be permanently removed and not moved to the Trash folder like regular messages.
  • Inbox is where all incoming email normally is stored, unless you have any settings on the Filter level in Manager directing email somewhere else. The email will remain here until you decide to move it to another folder or delete it.
  • Sent contains all the messages you have sent using Webmail, unless you have chosen not to save all outgoing messages on the Preferences page.
  • Spam stores all incoming email caught by the spam filter, and messages you have reported as spam by using the [Report spam] button in other folders. To move a legitimate message from Spam to Inbox and correct the trainable spam filter, check the box next to the message(s) and click the [Not spam] button.
  • Templates contains templates if you have saved any messages as such. See Compose for more information.
  • Trash is where messages are moved when you delete them. This is convenient to ensure that you don’t remove any messages from the server in error. To empty the Trash folder and permanently remove its contents, click “Empty Trash” below the folder listing to the left in Webmail, and confirm the operation by clicking [OK] in the dialog box that appears. You can also permanently delete individual messages from Trash by using the Delete button on checked messages already located in the Trash folder.
    tip If you delete any messages by mistake, contact Runbox Support and we can probably restore them from backup for you.