To log in to the computer servers that store your email, you will need your username and password. If you have activated Two-Factor Authentication, you will also need a Timed One Time Password or your One Time Passwords.


Your username is your primary Runbox email address, and is displayed in the top right above your list of emails when you are logged in to the Runbox webmail. You also see your username at the top of the folder list and on the account page.

Note: You cannot use alias addresses to log in to your account.

@runbox – an address we have given you

Email address:
Username: or just username

Other Runbox domains include,,,, etc… and all will work with your username for logging in. A full list of our synonymous domains is available in your Account under Account > Aliases.

@domainyouown – an address on a domain you own yourself

Email address:

Note: If you added your own domain after you were given an @runbox address, you username may not have changed and will be the same as for @runbox email addresses (see above) even though you mainly use your own domain for email you send. You can check this by looking at your username in the Runbox webmail as explained at the start of this page.

Account Security

A strong password is very important in protecting your Runbox account. You can find information about this on our Username and Password Security page.

Runbox offers Two Factor Authentication (2FA) as an additional and very effective measure to protect your account. We strongly recommend all customers user this, and you can read more about this feature on our Account Security page.

What to do if you find you cannot log in to your account

If you forget your password but know your username, you can request that we send a password reset link in an email to the alternative email address you gave us when you signed up.  Please see this page for information on how to reset your password.

If you find you can’t log in due to your Two-Factor Authentication settings, you will need to use your Unlock Code to turn off 2FA. If you have not set an Unlock Code you will need to contact support using our support website.

If you forget your username, you will need to contact support using our support website.