If you are using an email program such as Outlook, Apple Mail or Thunderbird you might find our Recommended Email Programs page useful as it contains guides to setting up some popular email programs.

If your email program does not automatically detect the correct settings for your Runbox account, or if you need to manually set up your client, you will need the server settings below to configure it.

If you’re unsure about the connection method to use in your email program, you can read more about IMAP, POP, and SMTP first.

We always recommend using a secure connection to our servers as this protects your username, password and email content from being intercepted whilst it is being passed between your computer and our servers.

Note: When you first create your Runbox account SMTP (outgoing mail) will be unavailable to you until you either a) validate your alternative email address (we send a validation link there when you create the account) or b) pay for a subscription. If you don’t do either of these things you will get a username/password error when trying to use our outgoing SMTP server.

Secure/Encrypted IMAP, POP and SMTP

Incoming Mail Server Settings

Service Server Port Encryption Authentication
IMAP mail.runbox.com 993 TLS/SSL Password
POP mail.runbox.com 995 TLS/SSL Password

Outgoing Mail Server Settings

Service Server Port Encryption Authentication
SMTP mail.runbox.com 465 TLS/SSL Password
587 STARTTLS Password

Note: Port 465 may offer better connection security than port 587. However, in some cases port 587 may be more compatible with email programs.

You may find that SSL is used to mean TLS/SSL and that TLS is used to mean STARTTLS in your email program. For information about the difference, please see our help document about Connection Encryption.


To log in to the computer servers that store your email, you will need your username and password.

Your username is your primary Runbox email address, and is displayed in the top right above your list of emails when you are logged in to the Runbox webmail. You also see your username at the top of the folder list and on the account page.

Note: You cannot use alias addresses to log in to your account.

@runbox – an address we have given you

Email address: username@nullrunbox.com
Username:  username@nullrunbox.com or just username

Other Runbox domains include @runbox.no, rbx.run, rbx.email, offshore.rocks, mailhouse.biz etc… and all will work with your username for logging in. A full list of our synonymous domains is available in your Account under Account > Aliases.

@domainyouown – an address on a domain you own yourself

Email address: localpart@nulldomainyouown.com
Username:  localpart@nulldomainyouown.com

Note: If you added your own domain after you were given an @runbox address, you username may not have changed and will be the same as for @runbox email addresses (see above) even though you mainly use your own domain for email you send. You can check this by looking at your username in the Runbox webmail as explained at the start of this page.

Recommended Email Program Guides

We have a number of set up guides for email programs. You can find them on the Recommended Email Programs page.

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