The Runbox Webmail gives you direct access to all the email that is stored in your account on the Runbox servers.

After logging in at, you will find yourself in the Webmail Inbox. At the top of the screen you will see the Main Menu, which lets you easily access the main sections of Runbox.

Using folders

To the left in Webmail you will find the standard Runbox folders, and you can of course add as many folders as you’d like. Just write the name of the new folder in the field below the folder list and click Create.

A new folder will always be created inside the currently selected folder. To create a folder at the top level, first click your email address at the top of the folder list.

You can try it right now by clicking your email address at the top of the list, then entering Runbox in the folder field, and clicking Create. You will then see a folder with this name in your folder list, where you can put messages from your friendly Runbox staff. 

Reading email

To open an email, just click the subject field of the message in the message list.

If you wish to print the email on paper, you can click the “View print format” icon to the top right in the message (that’s the icon that looks like a printer).

Sending email

To send an email, click the Compose button in the Webmail menu. Just enter an email address in the To field and a subject in the Subject field, and click Send.

You can send a test right now to Runbox Support at, and our support system will automatically send a reply back to you! Just copy the email address into the To: field in the Compose screen, or click this link:;subject=Test

Adding contacts

When you receive an email, it can be a good idea to add the sender to your contact list so that you can more easily send an email to them later.

You can do this by clicking the little icon with a green plus sign next to the sender address in an opened email. This will open a new dialog box where you can edit the contact details.

The next time you open Compose to write a message, you can just start entering the contact’s name in the recipient field and Runbox will try to autocomplete the contact’s name and email address.

Customizing Webmail

You can control how Webmail displays messages by clicking the Preferences button to the left in the Webmail menu.

This will open a new screen where you can change the date and time format, the color theme, your name and email address as they appear in outgoing messages, the number of messages to be shown on each page, and more.

You can even have a different set of Preferences for each folder. Just click the drop-down menu next to “Preferences for folder” and select the desired folder. By default, all folders have the same settings as the Inbox.

Read more about Preferences.