An email client set up to download incoming email via IMAP or POP also needs to be configured for SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) to send outgoing messages via the Runbox servers.

SMTP Client Settings

Secure/Encrypted SMTP

Outgoing Server (SMTP):

Port: 587 with STARTTLS
Port: 465 with TLS/SSL

Secure/Encrypted Connection: Yes/On
Authentication: Password

Note: For information about the differences between using port 587 or port 465 (legacy port) please see our help document about Connection Encryption.

Incoming Email (IMAP and POP)

You might also need our IMAP or POP server settings for receiving email via our servers.

You can see an overview of all our incoming and outgoing server settings on the Email Client Settings page.

We also have Set up Guides for some commonly used email clients.