We recommend that customers who access their email with email clients such as Outlook, Apple Mail, and Thunderbird use IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) when possible. It has a number of advantages over POP (Post Office Protocol) and no real disadvantages for most people.

IMAP synchronizes all email on the server with your client and this means that you can have all your email on many different devices. IMAP is able to upload emails to the server as well as download them from the server. This is how your Sent email is placed in the Sent folder when sending emails. IMAP also allows you to move messages between folders and keep them organised.

By using IMAP all of your email (sent and received) will be stored on our servers and wherever you access it from all of your email will be available and synchronised. This includes flagged messages, replied/forwarded status and your entire folder structure.

Note: Some well known email clients will attempt to autodiscover the server settings when you set up a new account. This may not work properly. Instead, cancel this feature and click the option for Manual setup (you may have to click Cancel twice before this option appears).

IMAP Client Settings

Secure/Encrypted IMAP

We recommend that you always use these settings in your email client to ensure a secure connection.

Incoming Server (IMAP):  mail.runbox.com
Port: 993
SSL: Yes
Authentication: Password

tip_dark  If you experience connection problems, please see the Connection Problems page.

Sending Email (SMTP)

You might also need our SMTP server settings for sending email via our servers.

You can see an overview of all our incoming and outgoing server settings on the Email Client Settings page.

We also have Set up Guides for some commonly used email clients.