To sign up a Runbox account, please go to Runbox Signup and follow the instructions.

The information you provide will be kept strictly confidential, as stated in our Privacy Policy.

1. Person or Family – Business or Organization

The main difference between these options is that selecting the Business or Organization option allows you to enter a business name. If it is set up as a business account then we regard the business as the owner of any accounts set up, and this allows for the transfer of accounts to other employees or representatives of the business at a later stage.

If the account is set up without a business name, then we regard it as a personal account, and the account is not transferable.

2. Enter a Contact Name and (optionally) a Business Organization Name

The Runbox Terms of Service require contact information to be supplied and kept up to date, this includes the name of a person in addition to any business or organization name where applicable.

The contact name will be the main person we deal with regarding any support requests relating to accounts set up under that name.

3. Choose your desired email address.

Email addresses are in two parts. The part before @ is called the “username” or “local part” and the the part after the @ is the “domain”.

Information about allowed usernames is in a separate section below.

Runbox addresses: Enter the username you would like and choose the Runbox domain you want to use. You can easily change it later if you want to use a different Runbox domain.

Using your own domain: Enter the username you would like and then enter your domain. When the account is set up the preferences will use the username and domain you entered.

Please note: When using your own domain you will not be able able to send or receive email to/from the address you enter until the domain’s MX records are set to deliver mail to Runbox and verified. However, you can set up the required accounts on our system in advance so that they are ready for when you do make the change.

4. Choose a password or passphrase

We encourage the use of passphrases where possible as they are more secure. You can get help choosing a password/passphrase by reading our Username and Password Security page.

Information about allowed passwords is in a separate section below.

The “eye” icon at the end of the password/passphrase field allows you to see what you entered. This is useful if you are the only person who can see your screen, otherwise you should leave what you enter hidden.

5. Enter an alternative email address

We use the alternative email address to communicate with you when there is a problem with your Runbox account, or to send you important information that might not reach you via your Runbox account.

We regard the person who has access to the alternative email address as the owner of the account, and as such this is where password reset emails are sent.

If you do not enter a valid and working alternative email address, and also keep this up to date it is possible you could be permanently locked out of your Runbox account if you are not able to access the account in the normal way.

Runbox Support will always try to help you gain access to your account, but if we are unable to verify you as the owner you will be unable to access the account.

6. (Optional) Enter your phone number

You can optionally enter you phone number in this field so that we have an alternative way to contact you in case you have problems with your account. If possible we will also add an alias to your new account in the format of (, which can be handy for people who want to email you and only know your phone number but not your email address.

7. Terms of Service

Please ensure you have read our Terms of Service before creating your account as they will govern the use of your account. If you have any questions about the Terms of Service please contact Runbox Support.

Further Information


First, select your preferred username. The username you choose will be the first part of your email address.

If your preferred username is already taken, which might be the case if you want an address, other suggestions will be generated based on your initial choice. You can either select one of these, or try another username altogether.

Please note that your username:

  • Is not case sensitive.
  • Cannot contain spaces.
  • Must be between 4 and 32 characters long (1 and 32 if you are setting up your own domain name).
  • Can only contain the letters a-z, the numbers 0-9, hyphens (-), underscores (_), and periods (.).

We recommend usernames with at least 5 characters and preferably one or two numbers such as in order to prevent spammers from guessing your email address.

Note: You can also set up aliases to your username after you have signed up which means you can still have the email address you like even if you choose an obscure and secure username.


Next, choose a password/passphrase that you can remember but which is difficult to guess.

Your Runbox password can contain the letters a-z and A-Z, the numbers 0-9, and the following special characters:


Your password must:

  • Not be the same as your username.
  • Be between 6 and 64 characters long.
  • Contain a mix of characters, numbers, and letters (at least 2 characters, and at least 2 numbers, 2 special characters, or one of both).

Tips for choosing passwords and information on general account security can be found on our Account Security page.