Sub-accounts are a good way to get additional email accounts with their own username and password for friends, family or business colleagues. Sub-accounts are cheaper than main accounts, but mostly share the same features. Sub-accounts are created and administered by a main account.

If you already have one or more sub-account subscriptions you can set up and manage your sub-accounts from Account > Sub-Accounts administration screen.

  • To purchase sub-account subscriptions, please see our Payment Options.
  • If you wish to renew an exisiting sub-account subscription, go to the Account screen and click the “Renew” link next to the sub-account product at the bottom of the page.
  • Sub-accounts come in four sizes – Max (15GB), Medium (10 GB), Mini (5 GB) and Micro (1 GB). Sub-accounts do not come with webhosting, otherwise all sub-accounts have the same features as regular accounts.
  • Sub-accounts can also be set up to use one of the domains associated with a main account (if you are using your own domain).

tip Please note that sub-account subscriptions must be purchased and managed from within the main (administrator) account.

Setting up a Sub-Account

Enter the username, password, name, and other personal information for the person who will be using the account.

The user will receive an introductory email to his/her Runbox account, and optionally a message containing the account login information to the alternative email address you provide.

Note: It may take up to 15 minutes for a new account to start accepting incoming email. In the meantime, incoming email for sub-accounts on a hosted domain will be directed to the main Runbox account if the “Catch all” option was selected for the domain.

Deleting a sub-account

If you want to disable a sub-account, check the “Delete” checkbox next to the account and click [Save Settings].

warning Note: A deleted sub-account is not deleted right away, and can be reopened by Runbox staff upon request. The username will thus not become reusable unless we release it manually. To have us release it, please open a Support ticket at