We are currently not offering new web hosting accounts. Sorry for any disappointment caused.

With Runbox Web Hosting you can host your web site on Runbox’ servers using a domain name you own. If you don’t own your own domain and don’t want your own domain, you can set up a website using a Runbox sub-domain.

Runbox Web Hosting includes a wide range of applications such as blogs, wikis, content management systems, and more. Please see Web Hosting features for details.

Setting up your account

  1. Click Account > Web Hosting to open the Web Hosting administration panel.
  2. Enter the name of a domain you own or administer in the domain input field.
    Note: If you don’t own a domain you can use a Runbox sub-domain instead and skip to step 6.
  3. Runbox will set up the Web Hosting account for you automatically. This can take a few minutes, after which which we will email you confirmation that the account has been set up.
  4. You will need to update the DNS settings for your domain to point to our name servers, ns1.runbox.net and ns2.runbox.net.
    Note: If you are moving a website from another provider, make sure you have transferred all your files before you update the DNS.
  5. When the DNS update for your domain has propagated through the Internet, your website will be accessible using your domain.
  6. To manage your Web Hosting account you can log into cPanel using the link found under Server on Account > Web Hosting using your Web Hosting username and password.

Once in your cPanel Web Hosting control panel you have a great number of options on what to do. The hosting package includes support for a wide range of web applications, several web programming languages (e.g. Perl and PHP), and a MySQL database.

You can find out more about all the features and functions in the cPanel documentation.

Uploading web pages

If you have some simple web pages that you just want to quickly get uploaded to your site to see what it looks like then here are a few simple steps:

  1. In your browser enter: domainyouown.com/cpanel (or yoursubdomain.web.runbox.net/cpanel if you set up a subdomain)
  2. Enter your Web Hosting username and password at the prompt.
  3. Select File Manager from the cPanel screen.
  4. Find public_html in the left side panel and click on the little folder icon to the left of public_html. The top folder icon in the left panel should now say/public_html/(Current Folder). This is the public folder that is accessed when people enter your domain name in a web browser.
  5. To upload files to this folder click Upload file(s) in the left side panel. The file uploaded allows you to pick files from your computer (using the Browse buttons) then upload them to the folder (using the Upload button).
  6. Make sure one file has the name index.html or index.htm. This will be the HTML file that is displayed when someone types your domain name without specifying a specific file name (e.g. http://domainyouown.com).

Now you should have a functioning web site!

You can also upload your web pages using a FTP client like Filezilla.

Advanced: Adding SPF records

Note: To improve the legitimacy of messages you send from your domain at Runbox, you can add a SPF (Sender Policy Framework) record to your DNS settings. This will decrease the likelihood of email you send being caught as spam by the receiving service. Please see our SPF help page for more information.