Main accounts

You can change your account plan at any time, but you should be aware of the way this works before doing so.

  • you must pay for a full year of the plan you are switching to
  • upgrades and downgrades take place immediately after you pay for the plan you are switching to
  • an additional year is added to your existing renewal date

Due to the way plan changes work upgrades can work out to be good value for money as you get the new plan immediately and one year added to your existing renewal date.


Sub-accounts can only be upgraded or downgraded by changing the sub-account product they are associated with from the Main account that created the sub-account. You can find sub-account management under Account > Sub-accounts.

If you have existing unused sub-account products you can just change the product a sub-account is associated with and this will upgrade/downgrade it.

If you don’t have an existing unused sub-account product of the type required then you can purchase one from Account > Upgrades.

If you need any help with upgrades/downgrades please contact Runbox Support.