Many people prefer to use an email program (app) instead of using webmail with a browser. Below we list some popular programs we can offer support for with links to our set up instructions for IMAP.

Many of the programs will let you set up multiple identities based on your Runbox aliases and we’ve indicated this in the comments column with a link to instructions on how to set this up.

Other email programs that support standard IMAP/POP and SMTP should also work with our service.

Email Program
link to set up guide
Operating Systems Encryption of Messages
Thunderbird Windows, macOS, Linux S/MIME
PGP with add-on
Supports identities/aliases
Apple Mail macOS S/MIME
PGP with add-on
Supports identities/aliases
iPhone/iPad Mail iOS S/MIME Supports aliases
Microsoft Outlook for Mac macOS S/MIME Does not support sending from aliases
Microsoft Outlook 2016 Windows S/MIME Does not support sending from aliases
eM Client Windows, macOS(beta) S/MIME Free for home use
Mail for Windows Windows Not Supported Does not support sending from aliases
MailDroid Android S/MIME with add-on
PGP with add-on
Supports identities/aliases

Email Program Server Settings

If you need to set up your email progam manually, or if the automatic set up doesn’t work you may need our server, port and SSL details.

We maintain anĀ Email Program Server Settings page with information about the IMAP, POP and SMTP server settings for email programs. The page also includes information about username formats in use with the Runbox servers.

Security Issues

Email programs not using the Runbox SMTP (outgoing) servers

All of the email programs listed above work by sending your outgoing email through our servers using SSL encryption for the connection. However, we have come across some email apps for smartphones and tablets that do not require much in the way of set up details and actually send email through their own servers and/or do not use SSL encryption to do this.

We regard this as a security issue because your outgoing mail should be going through our servers where we can provide you with encryption between your smartphone/tablet and our servers as well as onward delivery encryption where this is possible.

If you are in any doubt as to whether the email program/app you are using is sending mail through our servers or some other way please get in touch with us and we can help you test the program/app to find out how it is working.

Email programs storing your username and password on their own servers

Some email programs/apps designed for mobile devices store your username and password on their own servers in order to provide you with notification services. For example, they may store your details on a cloud-based server where they are running software that checks your mailbox, and when new mail is found the software on the cloud-based server sends your mobile device a notification.

While this may be completely secure in many cases, you should at least be aware of this so that you can make an informed decision.

If you need any further advice regarding setting up email programs please contact us via