If you are a business or organization that is new to Runbox it is worth considering a few things before you sign up for our accounts. By asking yourself the questions below, and considering the additional points mentioned you can save yourself some time and expense later on as you begin to use our service.

How many accounts do you need?

If you need more than one account for your business, you will need to buy a Main account and one or more Sub-accounts. The first account you buy is automatically a Main account and all additional accounts attached to that Main account are sub-accounts. The Main account administers all of the Sub-accounts attached to it. We have a page that details the differences between the features of Main and Sub-accounts. Sub-accounts are less expensive than Main accounts and you can see the prices on our Price Plans page.

Who will administer your accounts if you have more than one?

If you have more than one account you will need to decide who will administer the accounts as this person will need to have access to the Main account. For small organizations this might be an easy decision if one person is always going to be the person who administers accounts, and they could use the Main account as their email account within the organization.

For larger organizations it might be a specific role within the organization rather than a specific person that administers email accounts, and as such you might want to consider making the Main account a generic account that can be used by whoever has that particular role at any given time.

Are you using your own domain?

If you plan to use your own domain (e.g. domainyouown.com) for your email accounts that is absolutely fine.

To use your own domain with Runbox you only need to point the MX record to the Runbox incoming mail servers. You can find more using your domain with Runbox on our Email Hosting page.

Note: You may want to consider setting up an alias address on one of the Runbox domains for at least the Main account. If there is some problem with your domain you can use this address to correspond with us and it will make answering support requests easier for us as we will consider the alias to be a safe way to correspond with you while we resolve any issues.

Are you importing mail from your previous provider?

If you want to move mail across to Runbox from your previous email provider, you can do this using our IMAP Import tool. We have a help page about moving your email from another provider.

Note: Make sure you know how much mail each account needs before you begin importing mail. If you go over the account quota with imported mail you will cause the account to stop accepting new messages. Runbox accounts do not have shared storage like on some other email platforms; each account has its own dedicated storage so you need to make sure you buy the correct accounts for each account you are importing mail for to store existing as well as future email.