From 07-Dec-2019 new customers will be given the new Runbox 7 web app as their default webmail interface. This new interface is still in beta testing and we encourage you to get involved in it’s development so that you can help shape the future of this new exciting development.

If you have comments or suggestions you can use the following places to discuss them:

Most of the help documents on this website relate to the older Runbox 6 interface which is still available to all customers. We will be updating our help pages here for Runbox 7 over the coming weeks, but more importantly Runbox 7 will contain help built in to the interface rather than you needing to always search for help on this website.

While Runbox 7 has been in development we published some details on our blog about the new features. There are links to some of these below which we hope you will find interesting and useful: