To import your contacts (which must be in a CSV file), click Contacts in the main menu and then “Import” in the Contacts menu.

After a CSV file has been uploaded, you can define a mapping from the Runbox fields (like first name, last name, phone number etc.) to the columns of your CSV file.

As RMM contacts are accessed through a nickname, the import function will automatically create missing nicknames. You can specify from which field you want to create the nickname. If neither first name nor last name is available for a single contact, the import function will try to extract the local part of the email address.

To export your Runbox Contacts, just click “Export” in the Contacts menu.

Creating a CSV file from vCards

Many email programmes and webmail services will allow you to export your contacts as a CSV file that can be used with the Runbox import contacts feature.

Some services and programs will only allow you to create vCards (Apple Address Book is a good example). These can be converted to a suitable CSV format using the website below.