Runbox is supportive of individuals, organizations and businesses that wish to use our services in the course of their everyday business activities.

However, we do not allow the use of our service for sending bulk mailings or marketing emails. We have a zero tolerance attitude to bulk mailing and marketing emails as this can lead to our servers being blocked by other email services and this then affects all our customers.

Defining bulk mailings and marketing emails

We use the following definition to determine if the sending of messages constitutes bulk mailing or the sending of marketing emails.

Bulk mailings are messages sent to more than one person that are not initiated by the recipient in each case.

Marketing emails areĀ  emails whether sent in bulk or over a period of time that promote a product, service, event or similar.

Bulk Mailing

This is not bulk mailing:

  • Sending 200 messages to 200 individual customers in response to 200 individual orders for products you are selling is not bulk mailing as each message is individual, personal and is a response initiated from a sales order.

This is bulk mailing:

  • Sending a number of messages to existing customers informing them of a new product, service, event (or similar) that you are offering is bulk mailing as the messages are not in response to an action performed by your customers.

This is bulk mailing and may also be considered unsolicited email (spam):

  • Sending messages to email addresses on a list you have purchased access to, or to a mailing list group you have joined is bulk mailing and may also be considered unsolicited mailing (spam) depending on the content of your message.

Marketing Emails

Whether they are sent in bulk or over a period of time, we do not allow our service to be used for marketing emails because they can be perceived as spam by the recipients. This can in turn cause our servers to be blocked by other email services and like bulk mailing this can affect all Runbox customers.

Getting advice about email you want to send

Runbox operates a sensible policy on bulk mailing, and we recognize that sending a single message to a group of friends or colleagues is not the sort of bulk mailing we aim to prevent. However, even in such cases if we get complaints that messages are unwanted we may contact you to discuss your use of our service.

You are welcome to contact Runbox Support to ask whether something you are going to send is likely to be considered bulk mailing.