Runbox supports automatic forwarding of email in a number of ways. These can be used individually or together for a variety of purposes.

Forwarding email to Runbox and non-Runbox addresses using filters

It is also possible to use filters to forward any email based on certain criteria to an address not on the Runbox system. This can also work for aliases if the alias is specified as the filter criterion. You can also use other criteria such as Sender, Subject or Body amongst others.

There are two kinds of “forwarding”, these are redirected and forwarded.

Redirected: This redirects the email to the specified address(es) without keeping a copy in your account.

Forwarded: This sends a copy of the email to the specified address(es) and keeps a copy in your account that will continue down the filter list until it is processed in some other way, or reaches your Inbox (whichever comes first).

To redirect/forward email set up a filter by going to Manager > Filter, where the action is: will be [Redirected to] [email address]. If you want to retain a copy of the email in your own account as well as forward a copy then replace the “redirected” option with “forwarded”.

Notes on the Redirect and Forward filters:

  1. The filter order is important. Not shown at position -2 (minus 2) is our spam filter, and so filters with more positive orders only filter messages that are not considered spam. To avoid messages not being forwarded/redirected to the destination account we recommend the “order” value be set at -5 (or more negative). This means your filter will act first before the spam filter.
  2. If your filter criteria is an email address/alias on your own account, don’t list your own email address or any alias on your account as a destination recipient of a Redirect/Forward filter as it will create a mail loop and messages will be rejected or won’t get delivered. If you need to keep a copy of the incoming message in the account the filter is in, then use the forward option instead of redirect and only list the other recipient(s) as the destination address(es).
  3. If you are filtering on a recipients email address, “Header” is the better option because one filter will catch To: and CC: You can’t have a filter for BCC: because by definition those addresses are not listed as recipients in the usual way. However, “Header” catches these if you are the BCC recipient because we add a header for the destination address at our end.

    A “Header” filter will pick up addresses anywhere in the header including the subject line, so it may not always work as you expect.

Forwarding email to more than one address at the same time

You can use the filters to redirect/forward email to more than one address at a time. Just separate the email addresses with a comma and space as in the example below:,,

This will work for any email address whether it is a Runbox address or not.

Important: Please ensure you keep any lists updated otherwise people sending email to your account may find they receive bounced messages without being aware of what exactly is happening.

Aliases and forwarding email to other Runbox accounts

An email alias is an extra email address which delivers email to your account, just as your default email address does. With Runbox it is even possible to have an alias deliver email to a Runbox account other than your own. Other Runbox accounts include those that are using their own domain such as as long as they are being hosted by Runbox.

We have a page dedicated to explaining how to use aliases.