All Runbox domains are synonymous, and you can use whichever domain you like for receiving email.

For example, is the same as, and

You can see a full list of Runbox domains you can use on the Aliases page when logged in to your account.

Webmail settings to send from your username/alias and domain combination

Although you can’t change the email address you see in the top-right of your screen when you are logged in, you can change which address you send from by changing this in the Inbox preferences.

  1. Click on Inbox
  2. Click on Preferences

You can change the preferences for any folder, but by default all folders use the settings for the Inbox.

You can change your email address under where you name is listed. Once you have changed it to the username/alias and domain combination you want to use, click on Save Settings at the bottom of the screen (not Save Settings above where you enter your email address).