Mailvelope is a browser add-on for Firefox and Chrome that enables PGP encryption and signing of messages sent from the Runbox Webmail.

The following instructions will install and set up Mailvelope with Firefox (Chrome will be similar):

  1. Open Firefox and install the Mailvelope add-on from
  2. Ensure that the add-on is enabled in your browser, and restart it if necessary.
  3. You will see a new icon for Mailvelope in the browser toolbar.
  4. Generate a new PGP key by clicking the Mailvelope icon and then on Options > Generate Key (if you already have a key you can use Import Keys).
  5. Go to Options > List of Email Providers.
  6. Click Add new entry.
  7. In the Site field, enter Runbox.
  8. In the Domain pattern field, enter *

Mailvelope is now installed and ready to use with Runbox.

To compose an encrypted and signed message, do as follows:

  1. Open Compose and you will see a Mailvelope icon in the message area.
  2. Click the Mailvelope icon to open the Mailvelope Compose window.
  3. Enter the recipient of the message. The recipient’s public PGP key must already be imported in Mailvelope > Key Management > Import Keys.
  4. Enter the message content.
  5. Click the Options button in order to sign the message with your key.
  6. Click the Encrypt button.
  7. The Mailvelope Compose window will close and the encrypted message will be inserted into the message are of the Runbox Compose window.
  8. Enter the recipient address in the To field and a subject line in the Subject field.
  9. Click Send.

Congratulations, you have now sent your first encrypted and signed message with Runbox and Mailvelope!