If you have tried to make a card payment and it has failed for some reason, we would like to offer the following information and advice.

Some banks refuse credit/debit card transactions if they are being requested by a company outside the country the card was issued in.

Even without a PayPal account in some countries you can use a wide variety of payment cards with the PayPal option on our website. As the PayPal network is recognised worldwide we find that payments complete with fewer problems.

The major cards below are accepted along with many regionally issued cards (e.g. the EC-Karte).paypal

    •    Visa
    •    MasterCard
    •    American Express
    •    Discover

The actual cards offered via PayPal can vary according to the country you are in.

If you prefer not to pay via PayPal, and are still experiencing problems with your card being declined, we suggest you contact your bank and ask them to authorise the payment to us and that you try again with your card on our website.