This article explains how to set up your Runbox account to accept email for your existing domain name.

  1. Go to Account > Email Hosting  in the main menu.
  2. Enter a domain name that you own or administer.
  3. Select Catch all if you want your Runbox account to receive all email sent to that domain, or specify Aliases or Sub-Accounts for your domain later. Read more about “Catch all” below.
  4. Press [Add Domain] when you’re done. Your domain will be listed with status “Pending”.

Catch all

“Catch all” means that you will receive email sent to all possible addresses for your domain without having to set up an explicit alias or account. All email will automatically be received by your main Runbox account.

ALERT! Use the “Catch all” function with care. Your account will receive email on every address for this domain name, except those set up as sub-accounts or aliases. Some spammers run so-called dictionary attacks, which means that they send spam to many common addresses within a given domain name. You are likely to receive some spam on all these addresses, so make sure that you have your spam filter activated.

Note that all domains have a default address that forwards all email to the main domain account unless a postmaster address is explicitly set up as an account or alias.