Manager is the core of the Runbox system, and is where you manage all your incoming email.

With Manager you can retrieve from external email accounts, filter incoming email, and get information about the various ways by which you can access your Runbox email.

You don’t need to configure or make any changes in Manager for Webmail and your Runbox email address to work.

Your email will “fall” through the levels from top to bottom, so that the settings in the first level will affect the handling of your email in the next level.

Use the graphic menu to the left in order to access the different levels, add the settings you want and click [Save settings] when you’re done with that level.

We will now explain each level of Manager in detail:


retrieve-iconRetrieve is the first and topmost level, and lets you import email from any external IMAP or POP account. IMAP and POP  retrieval is very practical as it lets you consolidate all of your email in one place. You can set up Runbox to retrieve email from as many external email accounts as you want.


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filter-iconFilter lets you to sort incoming email by criteria you specify, and choose what action you want performed on email that matches your criteria. You can have incoming email saved to a specific folder, forwarded to another email address, or deleted. You can set up as many filters as you want, but keep in mind that the settings in each filter affect subsequent processing by filters further down.


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access-iconAccess shows the various ways you can read or download your email. You can read your Runbox email on many different mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablets. Naturally you can access your email on the web at, and you can download it to your PC using a POP or IMAP client like Outlook or Thunderbird.


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