You can export your Runbox contacts as a Comma Separated Values (CSV) file, which you can then import into another service.

Exporting all contacts

To export all your contacts, go to Contacts in the main menu. Make sure that the topmost group called “All” is selected, and then click the “Export” button in the menu.

Exporting a group of contacts

If you want to export a single group, first click the group name in the left pane. Then, export you contacts by clicking on the “Export group” button in the menu.

CSV file

Your browser will ask you whether to save or open the CSV file. To import the file into another service, select “Save“.

If you select “Open“, your Runbox contacts will be displayed in a program that can open CSV files on your computer. Then you can for instance print all your contacts, reorder the columns, or edit the data.

CSV file contents

The exported file includes all information on each of your contacts in the following order:

Nickname, First name, Last name, Email address, Homepage, Street address, City, State/Province, Postal/Zip Code, Country, Phone, Mobile, Fax, Company, Job Title, Department, Business email address, Business homepage, Business street address, Business city, Business Postal/Zip Code, Business  State/Province, Business country, Business phone, Business mobile phone, Business fax, Spouse, Children, Birthday, Notes, Group