Depending on your subscription, your Runbox account includes various levels of storage space and the number of domains you can use with it will also be different. However, all Runbox accounts share some similar features and quotas that you should be aware of. The quotas are in place to stop excessive usage, but we are always happy to discussion your requirements if you feel you need additional facilities.

Number of Email Accounts

Each Runbox price plan comes with one username and password. This means there is one Inbox and the account is intended to be used by one person. However, you can use a number of email addresses with this one account to help you organise your personal, work and social lives. These are called email aliases and you can read more about them below.

Email Aliases

Email aliases are alternative email addresses that deliver email to your account. They are not for other people to use, but are so that you can use different email addresses for different purposes such as work, family, friends and online shopping just to name a few.

Currently each account subscription includes 100 email aliases when they are used on the various Runbox domains. If you use your own domain there is no limit to the number of aliases you can set up. Read more about email aliases.


The first account you buy from us is called a Main account. Main accounts can also buy sub-accounts for other people to use. These are very useful for family, friends or colleagues depending on what you are using your Runbox account for. Sub-accounts have their own username and password and have the same quotas as the Main accounts that have the same name.

Sub-accounts do not need to be of the same type as your Main account. For example, you might buy a Mini Main account to that you can use your own domain with it, but if you only need 1GB of storage for an additional user, you could get them a Micro Sub-account.

Disk Usage

Your storage quota depends on the type of subscription purchased, while trial accounts have 1GB storage space for email and 100 MB for files.

The disk usage meter in Webmail shows you how much storage space you are using. If you reach 100% disk usage your incoming email will be returned to sender.

Bandwidth Usage

The bandwidth quota restricts how much email your account can receive, relay, and deliver, and is separate from your storage quota. This means that all transfer of data to and from your account is measured, specifically:

  • Web: Messages sent from your Runbox account, and attachments downloaded and uploaded via your browser.
  • POP/IMAP: Messages downloaded to your client.
  • SMTP:
    • Incoming: Messages received to your Runbox account from other email addresses.
    • Outgoing: Messages sent from your client to other email addresses.

The bandwidth quota for subscriptions is 10 GB per week, while the quota for trial accounts is 250 MB per week.

The bandwidth usage meter in Webmail shows how much bandwidth you have used thus far this week. You can also receive daily bandwidth summaries by going to the Account page and activating the “Send bandwidth summary” option.

Bandwidth counters are reset 00:00 GMT every Monday. If you exceed your bandwidth quota, incoming messages will be returned to sender. It is currently not possible to purchase more bandwidth.

Incoming Message Number Limit

There is a limit of 5000 incoming messages per account per day to prevent excessive usage.  Accounts found to be over this limit are automatically blocked from receiving more mail until the next day (Central European Time). Messages sent to your account while it is blocked are bounced back to sender. Users can contact support to request a reset of the incoming message counter.

There is also a limit on outgoing messages per account per day, depending on your subscription plan. This can be increased by purchasing additional quota increments, but note that outgoing traffic is monitored to prevent relaying of spam.

Trial accounts may only send to 20 recipients per day. Please note that when a trial account is subscribed to, there is an 8 hour delay before the new sending quotas take effect.

Outgoing Message Number Limit

This is the total number of message recipients you can send to each day. If you send 1 message to 5 people that is 5 recipients. Similarly 5 different messages to with only 1 recipient each is also 5 recipients. If you send a message to more than one person at the same time,  Runbox still has to process those messages separately and this is why we count all addresses that we have to deliver messages to.

The current limit on the number of outgoing messages (recipients) is 500 per day.

Recipient Per Message Limit

There is currently a limit of 100 recipients per outgoing message. To prevent spam attempts, trial accounts are limited to 20 recipients per day, but messages are also subject to spam filtering.

Message Size Limit

The maximum size of messages sent via Runbox, including all attachments, is 130 MB. This equals about 100 MB in size before uploading the file(s) to an email due to message encoding.