We are currently not registering new domains or transferring domains in. If you currently have a domain registered through us nothing will change at this time and you can continue to renew your domain as normal. Sorry for any disappointment caused.

With Runbox Domain Hosting you can register a brand new domain name and configure it for Web Hosting and/or Email Hosting. For example, you can register yourcompanyname.com or yourname.com and set it up to host a web site and/or  email.

With Runbox Domain Hosting, Web Hosting, and Email Hosting, you can control your entire online presence from within Runbox.

Note: Runbox is a reseller of Enom domain registration services, and your domain will be registered via Enom if you use Runbox for domain hosting.

Domain related service messages

When you register a domain via the Runbox domain registration pages, you are also entering in to a legally binding relationship with Enom (the registrar) and the registry for your chosen domain type. Therefore at certain times they may contact you directly. The short list below are some circumstances in which they may contact you (usually by email), but there may be others.

  • to verify your contact details when you register a new domain, and at other regular periods after that to ensure the details are kept updated.
  • to ask your consent for the use of your details in the public whois databases (you do not have to consent to this).
  • to notify you when your domain is due for renewal, and to direct you to the Runbox website where you can complete the renewal.

Consent emails may come from: info2@nullenom.com
Domain renewal notifications may come from: donotreply@nullname-services.com

You cannot opt out of these mailings as they are required service messages. Runbox will also contact you about domain renewals.

We have further information about how your details are used and privacy on our Domains: How Your Details are Used help page.

Register a new domain

To get started, open Account > Domain Hosting and enter the domain name you wish to register.

If you don’t have any domain credits yet, please click the link to purchase one or more domain credits. Depending on the type of domain you wish to register, you may need more than one domain credit. Please contact Runbox Support for more information.

Transfer an existing domain

You can transfer an existing domain to Runbox and manage your domain through us instead of your existing domain registrar.

There is no need to transfer a domain to Runbox to make use of our email, web hosting and other services, but some people decide it is easier to have their domain registration and its associated DNS services managed in the same place as their other online services.

Note: We don’t recommend transferring a domain that is close to expiring as any delay in the transfer could see the domain expire while it is being transferred between registrars, and this could mean the domain isn’t available for use until the transfer is complete.

To transfer a domain please contact Runbox Support.

Manage a domain

Open Account > Domain Hosting and click the domain whose records you want to change. The “Manage DNS” screen will be displayed, where you can edit, add, and delete records for the domain.

Note: If you host your website with Runbox, you only need to set the NS (nameserver) record as the rest will be automatically configured. If you are hosting your website with another service, it’s possible that the nameservers are hosted there too. In that case you will need to set the MX record manually at that service to use Runbox Email Hosting.

Remember to click [Save settings] when you’re done.

Record types


Used to map a domain name to the IP address of a host. Example:


The same as A record but with IPv6 support.


Short for “Canonical Name”, and is an alias for another domain name. For example, ftp.domain.com can be a CNAME for www.domain.com.


Stands for “Mail eXchanger” and is the host name of the server responsible for the domain’s email.

Note: If you only host your email with Runbox, enter mx.runbox.com here.


Short for “Name Server” and refers to the host that handles all DNS records, if this is delegated elsewhere.

These Name Server records are not used to change the domain’s name server at the registry, only to confirm that a Runbox name server is authoritative for the domain.

You may also use additional Name Server records to delegate DNS records for a sub-domain to non-Runbox name servers.


Generalized service location record, used for newer protocols instead of creating protocol-specific records such as MX.


Originally for miscellaneous human-readable text, but often carries machine-readable data such as Sender Policy Framework information.