Runbox offers several interfaces suiteable for use with mobile phones or other devices with low bandwidth.

The “light” webmail interface is a text-only version of Runbox’ Webmail, and can be found at This interface is custom made for low-bandwidth devices like smart phones with web browsers installed. You get full access to all your folders and the messages saved in them, and you can change your preferences and manage your email as well.

You can use the “light” webmail on a regular computer as well, of course, if you just want fast, no-frills access to your email. This is especially useful for surfing on the road with a laptop PC, using a mobile phone modem.


If your mobile phone supports WAP, you can connect it to and browse your email with this lightweight and fast interface.


Runbox works very well with Apple iPhone’s Mail app, and you will find a setup guide here:¬†IPhoneSetup.


Setup guides for different Android versions: Motorola Droid X