We have now replaced the search function in Runbox 6 with an improved version that is based on the search we have developed for Runbox 7.

You will find the new search area at the top of the message list when clicking Search in the Webmail menu.

The new search function will show results as you type into the field, so there is no need to manually click on a Search button.

By clicking on the wrench icon to the right, the following options will be shown:

  • to: Search by recipient address
  • from: Search by sender address
  • subject: Search by subject line
  • current folder: Limit search to the current folder
  • year/month/date: Shows a calendar where you can select a time frame

Selecting an option will insert an example into the search field which you can then modify. Note that there must not be any spaces in the search criteria.

Search criteria may be combined with Boolean operators such as AND and OR.

The following rules apply when searching:

  • Entering more than one word will match any of the words.
  • Exact phrases can be entered with quotes such as "runbox 7 webmail".
  • Wildcard matching is supported, so entering run* would match both runruns and running.
  • Boolean operators such as AND, OR, and NOT can be used, along with – and + to include or exclude terms. For instance, you can enter: from:Gandalf AND (subject:sword OR subject:horse) -nazgul

More information about the syntax of search expressions can be found in the documentation for the search engine Runbox uses: Xapian::QueryParser Syntax