The Access level in Manager gives you an overview of the different ways in which you can access your email.

One of the most powerful features in Runbox is that it can deliver your email to any type of email device or client, and Access shows you how easy it is. Whether you want to access your email with a mobile phone, a tablet, a laptop, or a desktop computer, this is your email hub. Note that this level is affected by the Retrieve and Filter levels if you are using them.

Forward email

You can have copies of all your Runbox email forwarded* to both mobile phones and other email addresses. Please refer to your mobile phone provider to find out whether you can receive text messages on your mobile phone.

  • Mobile phone : Check the first box to have copies of your email sent to your mobile phone as SMS messages, if your mobile phone provider supports it. Enter the email address of your mobile phone, referring to your phone service provider’s web site or customer service and the documentation that came with your phone for more information.Checking the “Notification only” box reduces the size of the text messages to only the email’s sender and subject field. Runbox Mail Manager then notifies you instantly via your GSM mobile phone every time you receive a new email. Thus you will always know when you should check your email on a computer.
  • Email address : The check box below activates the email address field, where you can enter one email address to which you want copies of your email sent. To forward to multiple addresses you must use a Filter to forward the messages.

Important Note: Only messages that would default to the Inbox after filter processing are forwarded here. Messages moved to folders by filters will not be forwarded at this level.

Example of forwarding copies of email to a GSM mobile phone (as notification) and an email address

Access email

You can access your email on a variety of email devices and clients. All you need to do is set up your device or client:

  • Web: The regular Runbox web interface is accessible at
  • POP: Configure your POP client (an email program on your PC) to download your email from Runbox.
  • IMAP: Configure your IMAP client (an email program on your PC) to download your email from Runbox.

The lower part of the Access level, showing the various ways by which to access the email