There may be times when you need to export the data we hold for and about you. This might especially be true if you are moving to a different service provider.

Your Runbox account stores different kinds of data; example of this data are email, contacts, calendar items, files and the account data that you provide to us that identifies your account. Runbox has always prided itself on not storing more data than we feel is necessary to provide you with our services. As an email provider, our purpose has always been to give you easy access to your data, and therefore there are a number of established ways in which you can export your data from our service.

Email Data

We provide a number of ways in which you can access your email messages. These include webmail, IMAP and POP access. If you need to export your data the easiest way to do this is with an email program (also know as an email client) using IMAP. You can also use an email program to copy email from your Runbox account(s) to another email account either at Runbox or another email provider.

You may also be able to copy the messages to another email provider using that service’s IMAP import facility (if it has one).

You can set up an email program with your account and once your data has synchronized to your email program you can export it from the email program in a number of ways:

  • copy the messages to a local folder on your computer.
  • copy the messages to another email provider that you have also set up in the email program.
  • export the message folders from the email program to a common format that can be uploaded to a different email provider, imported in to a different email program or just stored on your computer for future reference.

We recommend a number of email programs for use with the Runbox service, but others will also work. We can provide help with the email programs listed on our Recommended Email Programs page, and you will find information on those pages about how to set up those programs.


When you log in to your account at and go to the Contacts section of your account, you will see an Export button in the top menu. If you click this a CSV file will be created and can be downloaded. The file is called runbox-contacts.csv.

The CSV(comma-separated values) file format is a common file format for exporting and importing data, and can also be read with most spreadsheet programs and text editors.

This file can be used to import your contacts in to other email services, or just stored for safe keeping and later use.


You can access your CalDAV calendar items using a calendar program (also known as a calendar client) that can use the CalDAV protocol. We have a help page about Using a Calendar Client with CalDAV, and the calendar client you use will have an export function that will allow you to export your calendar data in one or more formats.

You can then use the exported data to upload your calendars to another calendar service, or just store it for safe keeping and later use.


Files that are stored in the Files Section of your Runbox account can easily be downloaded/exported from the Files section by right-clicking on each file and choosing the “Save Link As” or similar option.

You can also download the files using an FTP client.

Account Information

You can see the personal details we hold for your account by logging in and going to the Account page. Some of this information you can edit yourself to keep your details up to date. Amongst other things you will see the following information on this page:

  • username
  • personal details
  • storage details
  • data usage
  • optional settings (including marketing preferences)
  • subscription information
  • products you currently hold with us
  • billing agreements (PayPal)
  • payments you have made to us and a link to a corresponding invoice

You can export the information on this page by exporting the page and invoices as PDF files using the “Print to PDF” feature on your computer. You can also save the web pages as HTML archives from your browser.

Web Hosting

If you have an optional web hosting account with us then you will have been given access to the contents of that account via a username and password. Runbox does not add any information to your web hosting account other than what the automated web hosting systems may add. Other content is uploaded by you or created by you and your website visitors, or the web applications that you run in the account.

You can download the contents of your web hosting account either through the cPanel File Manager feature or by using an FTP program.

If you need help with exporting your data, please contact Support.